Transactra, the pioneering platform in the digital payment space, is designed to cater to the evolving needs of modern consumers. At the heart of our ecosystem is the TRSCT token, Transactra's native governance token, which empowers users to participate actively in the governance of the platform. Holders of TRSCT can vote on key proposals, access exclusive features, and enjoy a range of benefits tailored to enhance their experience within the Transactra ecosystem.

  1. Tiered Discount System: As a valued TRSCT token holder, you'll enjoy a tiered discount system on virtual credit card purchases, where the more tokens you hold, the greater your savings

  2. Passive Income Streams: By staking your TRSCT tokens with us, you open up opportunities for passive income, earning a share of the platform's transaction fees as a token of our appreciation for your support.

  3. Exclusive Access to New Features: We're excited to offer you, our TRSCT holders, early or exclusive access to new features and services, allowing you to experience the latest innovations before anyone else.

  4. Voting Rights in Governance: Your investment in TRSCT tokens grants you the right to vote on important decisions affecting the future of our platform, ensuring your voice is heard in our community-driven ecosystem

  5. Cashback Rewards: Use your virtual credit card for purchases and enjoy cashback in TRSCT tokens, enhancing the value of every transaction you make with us.

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