Phase 1: Establishing The Foundation

  • Fair Launch: launching our token onto a decentralized exchange.

  • Community Growth: build a core community around our product and ecosystem for feedback

  • Product Launch: launch our non-KYC virtual cards to the community.

Phase 2: Improving & Expansion

  • Marketing Partnerships: build long-term partnerships with top-tier marketing channels in the crypto space.

  • Web UI: build a web-UI for further expansion of our markets.

  • Revenue Sharing Benefits: distribute all protocol profits to the hands of $TRSCT holders.

  • Holder Benefits: improve ecosystem benefits to our holders.

  • Ecosystem Partnerships: collaborate with other projects to grow our platform and offer more to our users.

Phase 3: Scaling

  • Scaling Payment Infrastructure: scale our payment processing infrastructure to other projects (white-label partnerships, card issuance partnerships)

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